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I attended this:

Building a Better Web

I got back from Build on a high that I've not felt since ... gee, since I started going to these tech event things.

It was a pleasure to be at a conference so chock full of fantastic speakers. Meyer, Miner, Sims, Budd, Boulton and Van Damme — these guys are a good cross section of the kind of guys leading the web today.

Not only that, but I was so proud that the event was hosted by Andy McMillan. Andy's work to raise the profile of himself and his peers in Ireland is relentless and admirable. Build 2010 is already announced, but I'm hoping his eye will turn to the international scene, because it's obvious that he has what it takes. It's all the more pleasing that Andy's not a social media witch doctor nor is he an SEO magnate, nor does he list his number one skill as "connecting like-minded people".

Andy's a down to earth, honest to goodness, passionate web designer. And it shows. Build is probably the most relevant web conference ever held in Ireland. Others, take note.

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